The aeroplane pictured here is a Cessna 150.  My first experience of this aeroplane was flying from what was then the new Wee Waa airfield with my first instructor.  These aeroplanes have a tiny cabin and at that time the aeroplane had manual flaps.  During my first approach in the type I grabbed the instructors leg instead of the flap lever, a minor embarrassment.

I went on to fly the Cessna 152, a strengthened version of the same type but a later model.  It was legal for some aerobatics and was not a bad little aeroplane to fly as it had 15 BHP than the C150 models.  I also flew the C150 from Hoxton Park airport a few times.  In summer it had a very poor climb performance and there was a hill off the northern end of the runway which, with two up, I had to fly around rather than over to avoid.