Sydney is a primary control zone because, of course, it is home to Australia’s biggest and busiest airport.  But light aircraft pilots can do a spectacular flypast of Sydney by following the light aircraft lane from Bundeena in the south to Long Reef in the north.  The route must be flown at below 500′ and over the sea with northbound traffic keeping right and southbound traffic keeping left.  All air traffic must remain quite close to the coast and the lane as defined provides for spectacular view of Sydney and the harbour.

Flying north and as you approach a position abeam South Head you can see the sandstone cliffs on which the eastern suburbs are built and you can also see to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  North Head houses what is now a tourist site.  It contains the old Quarantine station and cemetery and a still active army barracks.  Further north you will pass the northern beaches.

In the ocean as you fly over it is not uncommon to see whales, dolphins, porpoises and sharks.  And there are always sailing boats and power boats to be seen in the harbour and outside.

I wish I could include a few photos from the lane but on all my flights I have been the pilot and I never allow myself, when flying, to be distracted by extraneous things.  I will try to get a passenger to take some photos next time I fly the lane.