A Dream of Flying


Have you ever had a dream to fly yourself?  Many people do have such a dream but never get to try the dream.  Reasons why the dream may not be tried are many but often involve things like the assumed expense, assumed difficulty, self-doubt and family matters. Today learning to fly may not be as [...]

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My First Scare While Flying


My first scare while flying occurred while I was flying solo using the privilege granted by my Restricted Pilot License.  I was carrying out forced landing practice which meant descending without power to a minimum altitude of 250′ before opening the throttle to fly away again.  The temperature in the area was fairly high, perhaps [...]

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Sydney Flypast


Sydney is a primary control zone because, of course, it is home to Australia’s biggest and busiest airport.  But light aircraft pilots can do a spectacular flypast of Sydney by following the light aircraft lane from Bundeena in the south to Long Reef in the north.  The route must be flown at below 500′ and [...]

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Flying Car


The idea of a flying car has been around for a long time now.  It really started with the Taylor Aerocar. While it never was put into production the Aerocar did work although the wings and rear fuselage had to be trailered to be available when needed for flight.  Six examples of the Taylor Aerocar [...]

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Flying is Fabulous


I had my first flying lesson in 1963, flying from an all-weather gravel airfield in the north-west of New South Wales (NSW).  My instructor was an ex-RAAF pilot who had flown in the South Pacific during WWII and who had been shot down on several occasions.  He was a brilliant instructor and near perfect pilot.  Teaching [...]

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The Cessna 150 and 152


The aeroplane pictured here is a Cessna 150.  My first experience of this aeroplane was flying from what was then the new Wee Waa airfield with my first instructor.  These aeroplanes have a tiny cabin and at that time the aeroplane had manual flaps.  During my first approach in the type I grabbed the instructors [...]

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